About Molly

Molly Carpenter is currently a Specialist at Unlikely Collaborators. She creates  content on Youtube and has a podcast in development. In her free time she plays the ukulele, sings, reads, writes, and cooks. 


Molly graduated with honors from Richardson High School in June of 2017. During her time in both junior high and high school, she participated in the Communications Magnet program which students had to interview and submit a portfolio to be chosen. In the high school program students participated in the program which spanned over all four years of high school. The magnet program taught them the fundamentals of Television, Film, and Radio as well as providing students the supplies and knowledge to create their own videos. Molly created over 30 projects during her time in the two programs. Molly continued her education at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Radio-Television-Film while working on several short films, music videos and feature films while interning at SXSW, The Marlene Agency, and Project X Entertainment. 

Awards & Nominations:

The film "Unsteady",  directed by Molly, selected for the High School Division showcase in the Dallas International Film Festival. A promotional video which Molly wrote and starred in for a BBB film competition was a finalist and received a special recognition for acting.